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Forestry terminal market research fruit sales held exchange meeting
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November 25, the City Forestry Zongzhan United Horticultural Society, Agriculture Commission, City Guopin Business Association and Shanghai Jiaotong University College of Agriculture and Biotechnology research Zhendui fruit sales market share held working meetings in order to better complete the "Shanghai Features forest industry development plan (2011 ~ 2020), "the preparation, but also for detailed understanding of fruit sales in the Shanghai market in order to better co-ordination, planning fruit production. The participants of the Shanghai market conditions and characteristics of fruit, and the Shanghai suburbs made the exchange of fruit sales. In recent years, the Shanghai market's annual volume of 150 million tons of fruit, other fruit-based real estate, apples, oranges, pears and bananas Fruit trading volume ranks the first four, while wholesale fruit Shanghai real estate transactions of this proportion small; per capita GDP over the economic situation of the decision million high-end consumer goods market in Shanghai, "best-selling premium quality fruit, medium and low fruit face selling pressure" sales market in Shanghai distinctive characteristics of fruit. For the current situation of fruit production and marketing, conference planning to start research of large fruit market, in order to plan the area of fruit production in Shanghai, the proportion of fruit cultivation, and to guide the direction of Shanghai, the production of fruit production, sales methods and product packaging, reduce fruit production and marketing conflicts, macro co-ordinate the development of fruit industry in Shanghai.
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