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Market of instrument bearing industry is huge
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Instrument appearance has main effect and place in current society. Face name of our country country construction of economy, science and technology, national defence and social life the pressing demand that each respect expands, instrument appearance must accelerate development. Expand the requirement that raise according to economy of our country countryman and society, after the trend that realises international instrument appearance develops adequately, the country makes the strategic target that gives instrument appearance progress: In future 10 arrive 15 years inside, make full use of development of high speed of our country economy and huge market dominant position, advance new technology new technology to study in the application in instrument appearance energetically, master the crucial technology such as technology of the design of appearance of of all kinds instrument, production, make industry of bearing of our country instrument overall the level shortens with the difference of international level 3-5 year, about 30% reach international the same term advanced level, homebred instrument appearance is achieved in the ability of form a complete set of big project 85% occupational in home market demand 75% portion.

Industrial automation appearance: Key development is based on technology of spot bus line advocate accuse systematic unit and intelligence to change special type and appearance, special automation appearance. Scale of appearance of the number inside 5 years achieves 60% above, have the commercialization of the automation software of own intellectual property quickly.

Appearance of electrical engineering instrument: Special report measures watch of watch of electric energy of key development long life, electronic type electric energy, special type appearance and electrified wire netting are metric and automatic administrative system. To 2010, home market of appearance of high-grade and electrical engineering instrument is had in rate achieve 80% .

Appearance of environmental protection instrument: The environmental protection that expands atmosphere environment, water environment mainly detects product of automation control system, protect in view of beaded finish execute the law strength accelerates environmental protection to build pace, increase environmental protection to build investment, cultivate environmental protection industry the need of new point of growth of economy of this one countryman, face 5000 many environments of our country to detect station and many town sewage disposal and enterprise liquid waste handle this huge market, market of product of industry of bearing of environmental protection instrument will have henceforth substantially growth.

Instrument appearance yuan parts of an apparatus: Before 2010, develop a batch to be saleable as soon as possible the product with good effect of satisfy the need, market, breed is had rate achieve 70%-80% , high-grade product is had rate achieve 60% above. Taste development public relations, newly through science and technology, make product quality achieves international 20 centuries level of 90 time end, partial product is close to foreign congener product advanced level.
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